Rebrand Supermom

Product and Service Design

A platform for empowering Chinese female philanthropists


Personal Project


Aug 2018 - Feb 2019


Research, UX / UI Design


Zhao Guangfeng ( from CWDF)

How might we help the Chian Women's development  Foundation expand the impact of the Supermom program?


When I was working at the China Women's Development Foundation, my leader told me that the Supermom Program is exploratory in our department and also the focus of development in the next few years, but the program hit a plateau. He wanted me to do some exploratory research and give solutions for improvement. So I started my design based on my colleagues' previous work.

1.1 What is Supermom?


The Supermom (超仁妈妈) program was launched in 2016 by the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF). It is a platform for encouraging and empowering Chinese female philanthropists to participate in education, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, health, sustainable development public welfare fields.

In 2017, the Supermom project raised over 13.81 million RMB, empowered more than 300 female social charity projects, supported more than 100 female public welfare institutions to engage in different public welfare fields, and affected more than 500 female public welfare workers. The number of indirect beneficiaries reached more than 100,000.

1.2 Problem

#1 The number of empowered projects has declined

#2 The same projects are repeatedly participating in the program, and the number of new projects is wanting



2.1 Internal Research

Desk Research

First, I studied the structure of the foundation and internal documents related to the Supermom program to understand our stakeholders' perspectives.  In particular, China Women's Development Foundation is a government-sponsored foundation,  so it is really important to define the overall strategy.


Internal Interview

Then I interviewed 8 CWDF's staff to understand the details of program operations. I designed interviews from three perspectives: overall strategy, marketing and operations, and brand and adverting.


Takeaway from interviews

#1 There is no accessible way for users to easily get information and resources by themselves


#2 The information delivered by Supermom is vague and confusing


2.2 User Research


I want to understand the users' primary needs. So I got 103 online questionnaires from people who participated in Supermom to learn why they participated in the program. A total of 91 valid questionnaires were collected.


User Interview

Then I wanted to discover the uses' real experiences and thoughts, so I interviewed 15 people on the phone, including 12 Supermom participants and 3 people who were interested but did not participate in the program.

Takeaways from interview

#1 Information on registration methods and procedures is unclear and inaccessible


#2 The way of empowerment is not flexible enough and is useless


#3 Not paying enough attention to projects with poor results


#4 Users don't have a platform to communicate with each other and resources



3.1 User Archetype

After the research phase, I built our User Archetypes around behavioral perspective. I defined our users into three categories based on their primary focus and behavior: Influence centric user, Skill centric user, and Resource centric user.


After analysis, I found that different types of users have different capabilities, and their capabilities are complementary. And they are active to share their capabilities and resources to help each other.

Influence centric users can share their resources and fundraising channels with other users to expand their influence. Skills centric users can share their expertise and gain experience in operating projects in the process of communication. Resource centric users can share their rich execution experience and expand the network and resources through sharing.

3.2 User Journey Map


3.2 Design Principle


Design an experience that empowers Supermom grogram's users and potential users in a more accessible and visible way.

Guiding policy


Provide high-quality and reliable news and information in the public welfare field


Create a platform for users to share, communicate and support with each other


Let users know about their status, growth, and reward in a visible way

Change the Name

The goal of the supermom is a Chinese female public welfare ability empowerment platform. However, the information currently being delivered is relatively vague and confusing. So I change the name to All in she which is clear and accurate deliver the spirit of the platform to users.